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Tancredo: Hates Huckabee, Mixed On Mitt

Tom Tancredo on Mike Huckabee: “There’s nothing there. There’s nothing there. You remove the curtain, and you see that it’s not the wizard at all.”

Even though he denies it, I think Tom Tancredo kind of misses the campaign game. When I get him on the phone, he starts pummeling me with questions--what’s it look like out here? Who’s holding up, who’s melting down? I start to explain Huckabee’s special “moment” with the anti-Romney ad on Monday, but not only does Tancredo know about it, he was just listening to the audio clip. “All the reporters laughing hysterically when he said he would preview the ad--that would have been so embarrassing!” he says, guffawing himself. “I picture myself standing there and I’d be thinking, ‘Oh my God! What do I do?!’ ”

For an exclusive Q&A with more on Tancredo’s own “bizarre” contribution to the race, Romney’s partial snub, and the congressman's day-before-the-caucuses handicapping, click here.

--Eve Fairbanks