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Life In Des Moines

Here in downtown Des Moines there's a ground-floor health club with treadmills and stairmasters lined up in front of big windows, so that pedestrians can gaze right in at sweaty exercisers on the other side of the glass. And although I didn't want to stop and gawk, I'm about 90 percent sure I saw Chelsea Clinton on display there earlier this evening. Apparently the Iowa caucuses even force our political celebrities to work out in public....

P.S. In other shallow celebrity news, I'm told Scarlett Johansson turned up at an Iowa City-area Obama event today and not only dropped by campaign headquarters there but actually made a couple of phone calls, including one to a man who hung up the phone refusing to believe it was her. (Well done, dude! Don't worry, I'm sure she'll call you back some other time after this is all over...)

--Michael Crowley