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Bloggers Do Iowa

Tilting Scale: [Michael van der Galien, PoliGazette]: “The latest Des Moines Register poll indicates that Iowa Independents prefer the Democratic candidates over the Republican ones. … If this is true, not just for Iowa, but also for the rest of the nation, the Republicans will have a major problem later this year. They’ll have to reach out to Independents.”

Jumping Ship: [Edward Morrissey, Captain’s Quarters]: “This looks like an extension of the VP strategy, only with Obama as the headliner rather than Hillary. Richardson sees writing on the wall for Hillary's nomination, and he wants to partner with the candidate he sees as the winning nominee.”

Dead Wrong: [Steve Benen, The Carpetbagger Report]: “But Bob Novak’s hit-job on Hillary Clinton today is not just wrong, it doesn’t make any sense at all. … As far as I can tell, Clinton hasn’t triangulated at all.”

When in Doubt, Simulate Reagan: [Erick, Redstate]: “Frankly, regardless of the results today in Iowa (and he's going to do better than some are expecting), I think Fred Thompson needs to pull a Reagan '81 (i.e. make a big, bold ‘I ain't going anywhere’ stand), march to South Carolina, and start throwing punches.”

--Ben Crair