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Open Caucus Thread

The time for a low-percentage of Iowans to stand in the corners of public spaces and exercise their right to have too much influence over who the next most powerful person in the world will be is finally upon us. And so we turn to you. We want your predictions. We want your rants about the process. We want your take on the television coverage--is Anderson Cooper wearing his empathy face? Is Tim Russert asking gotcha questions to homemakers from Ames? Is C-SPAN's coverage as riveting as you'd expect? And are the patriots at Fox News visibly mourning the absence of their pal Rudy? We want to know. Plus, don't be afraid to look ahead and try to suss out what tonight's results mean for New Hampshire and beyond. The comment thread is yours. Have at it.  

P.S. Don't forget to check out The Stump tonight. Michael Crowley, Eve Fairbanks, and Noam Scheiber are all on the ground in Iowa, where they're serving up exclusive news, live caucus reporting, and in-depth analysis.