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Where's Rudy?

Just a quick point about this Rasmussen poll, which shows Romney leading nationally and Giuliani tied for fourth! Rasmussen's results differ slightly from other polls, but the general trend is the same and there is no question that Rudy is falling fast. It's usually not that much fun to beat a dead horse, but today seems like an especially apt time to point out the lunacy of Giuliani's strategy. It's now likely that as many as three candidates have leads over the former mayor in Florida and other Super Tuesday states.

The television coverage today has alternately ignored and lampooned Giuliani (expect this trend continue for the next few weeks)--even more proof that you can't ignore the media. Or, to put it another way, strategies this "clever" can only succeed if they have media "approval." This may border on the perverse, but that doesn't make it any less true. Expect a Super Sixth Place from Rudy tonight (with Duncan Hunter at his heels!).

--Isaac Chotiner