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The Deal Was For Real (updated)

Bill Richardson was not viable in this precinct, and all 17 of his supporters (of 161) appear to have switched en masse to Barack Obama. They're sorting out three remaining Biden supporters who can decide the winner here.

Update: Maybe the "deal" isn't in effect statewide. Ben Smith saw a more informal Richardson dispersion.

Final verdict: 58 people for Hillary, 56 for Obama, 49 for Edwards. But thanks to the mystfifying mathematical formula, Hillary wins this precint with three delegates. The other two get two delegates. 

More, 7:58 pm: A Richardson campaign worker here and two Richardson supporters who switched to Obama told me that the Richardson contingent was not given marching orders to switch en masse, that they made the decision as a group after talking it over. Seems a bit hard to imagine that 17 people all thought the same way, but for the record that's what I'm told.

--Michael Crowley