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Ankeny Post-game (or: Second-choicers Kill Hillary)

Ankeny, Iowa

Final raw tally here, after reallocation: Obama 100, Edwards 55, Hillary 54. This precinct sends 6 delegates to the county convention (see Crowley's piece if this is completely opaque to you), which means Obama gets 3 delegates, Edwards 2, and Hillary only 1. This despite losing out to Edwards by a single raw vote.

Obama started out strong and ended strong (87 raw votes after the first round); the Clinton camp started off okay (49 raw votes) but the bottom fell out in reallocation; while the opposite was true of Edwards (41 initial votes). While Clinton only managed to win over 5 non-viable caucusgoers in the second round, Edwards won over 14 to edge her out for second. From my vantage point here, the CW about Edwards being the most popular second-choice pick was absolutely on target.

This second-choice dynamic, if it's repeating itself in precincts across the state, could really end up killing Hillary tonight.

--Noam Scheiber