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More On That Obama-richardson Deal

Ankeny, Iowa

As with Mike's precinct, the Richardson captain here encouraged his non-viable caucusers to reallocate themselves to Obama. (Not all of them did--some left, four went to Edwards--which probably worked out even better for Obama, since they helped Edwards get over the top and denied Hillary another delegate.) I had a hard time following his logic, but what he basically told me it was in Richardson's strategic interest for Obama to win if Richardson couldn't, because (I think) this would prevent Hillary from winning Iowa and running the table, which would at least let Richardson fight on to New Hampshire. The Richardson captain here wasn't even an Iowan--and therefore couldn't caucus himself. (He was a volunteer from Santa Fe, New Mexico.) Bottom line is that it sounded like he had specific marching orders from the Richardson high command.

--Noam Scheiber