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Concession Speechapalooza

John Edwards didn't deign to mention Obama's name in his. Hillary, by contrast, mentioned Obama, Edwards, Dodd, Biden, and even Kucinich in hers. Edwards gave what was a shorter version of his basic stump speech, sticking to the same themes he's been hitting for the last year. Hillary, in hers, basically seemed to be trying to steal Obama's message--even going so far as to say this election is about getting new voters involved. I wonder how all those old ladies feel now.

P.S. Is Madeleine Albright that popular? She must be if the Clinton people decided to give her one of the prime over-the-shoulder spots behind Hillary (the other one went to Bill).

P.P.S. Didn't it sound a little like sour grapes when Hillary mentioned the Iowans--such as those serving abroad in the military or those who work nights--who couldn't caucus tonight? 

--Jason Zengerle