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I Think They Call This Feeling "clinton Fatigue"

Random note: After Clinton finished her concession speech and the crowd behind her began to scatter, I noticed Terry McAuliffe, the former DNC chairman famous for his fundraising capers, walking across the stage. And it reminded me of something I heard while I was in New Hampshire last week. 

When I stepped into Clinton's campaign headquarters in Manchester, I asked what activities they had going on.  They apologized that Clinton herself wasn't in town, but pointed out that they had surrogates working on behalf.  McAuliffe was one of them. 

I have no idea exactly what McAuliffe was doing in Manchestser that day or what role, if any, he had in the Iowa operation.  But in a year when the voters are demanding change -- when they want a clean break from the ways of Washington -- is this the sort of guy Clinton wants promoting her candidacy?

--Jonathan Cohn