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I shrewdly picked a slow news day to unveil my top-ten list of 2007 movies and associated awards. (No, "Orrscars" wasn't my idea. I'd probably have opted for something more humble and straightforward, along the lines of "artificial exercises, assertions of critical ego, capricious and necessarily imperfect.") In any case, readers looking for a respite from the Huckabamarama-- though, for the record, I don't know why you would be--should take a look. 

I am of course already having the second thoughts customary to such exercises. Was Juno really better than Once? Should Away from Her, or maybe Eastern Promises, have rounded out the top ten instead of Michael Clayton? And after last night I'm thinking that perhaps the coveted Roger Federer Award should go not to Daniel Day-Lewis but rather to a certain Illinois Senator. Your thoughts on these and related controversies are welcomed in comments.

--Christopher Orr