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Mccain’s Blonde Bombshell


Now that John McCain's decent showing in Iowa will allow him to limp forward to New Hampshire, we can look forward to more posts from his daughter Meghan on her much-derided campaign blog, McCainBlogette. Nowhere near as hokey as the Romney spawn, Meghan is more in the tradition of First Daughter partiers like the Bush twins. Twenty-three-year-old Meghan and her merry crew of friends bounce around the campaign trail with her dad posting videos of themselves fooling around and log comments on the best-dressed reporters and Henry Kissinger's chic shoes. (She's a former colleague of mine at Newsweek, whom I still remember most fondly for her article about fashion inspired by the movie "Snakes on a Plane.") 

Her platinum-blonde hair, knee-high boots, and Valley Girl diction have drawn endless comparisons to Paris Hilton. Wonkette has filed her under "Dept. of Your Blog Sucks," while Jezebel dismisses the blog as "unmockably anemic."  But these naysayers seem to be totally missing the point: John McCain's major weakness is that he just seems too damn old to be president. But reading Meghan's blog, you can't help but think, "How old can he be if his daughter listens to Kanye and wears t-shirts by Viva La Glam?" (Do we really believe Meghan's contentions that the blog is not sanctioned by her father's campaign?) The recent Columbia grad is not nearly as clueless as people portray her (or as she may be trying to portray herself). So keep an eye on the blog for the latest juicy tidbits on the campaign-or, at the very least, Meghan's latest skimpy outfit.  

--Zvika Krieger


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