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Whouley High Harmony

I agree with the CW that Hillary faces serious challenges in getting back into this race, but I'm not prepared to count her out so quickly. One reason is something I alluded to at the end of my caucus wrap-up piece last night but didn't completely tease out: The Iowa results didn't really catch the Clintonites by surprise. In fact, the Clinton camp had, on some level, been anticipating this for weeks.

What's the evidence for this? The clearest data point, as I mentioned in the piece, is that they decided to keep uber-operative Michael Whouley in New Hampshire rather than dispatch him to Iowa. Now, I've heard that the office politics of having Whouley bigfoot Teresa Vilmain, Hillary's top Iowa honcho, would have made that decision incredibly fraught. On the other hand, they'd probably have done it had they deemed it useful. I suspect one reason they didn't is that they were increasingly pessimistic about Iowa and assumed they'd need Whouley to help bail them out in New Hampshire. Which means they've been chewing over plan B for a while now...

P.S. I concede that the title of this post is really apropos of nothing. Just wanted to give a nod to those Boyz II Men fans out there...

--Noam Scheiber