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And Now For The Inevitable Trippi Angle

A Democratic consultant who knows Trippi writes:

There is something almost poignant about what happened last night from Trippi's point of view. Obama pulled off in IA and is on the verge of pulling off nationally exactly what Joe's been dreaming about and working for his whole career. As I watched Obama last night--particularly the line, "I know you didn't do this for me" or words to that effect--it struck me that, in many ways, he's taken Trippi's public advice to heart (as expressed in an article you wrote) about making the movement "not about him." It's almost like he's advising Obama from the sidelines. I know Joe loves John & Elizabeth Edwards, but this whole thing has to be killing Joe inside. One way or anther, he's going to end up on the Obama campaign--I just wonder how much it affects what Edwards says and does over the next week.

Stay tuned.

--Noam Scheiber