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Caucus Coverage Roundup

It was a busy caucus night here at In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights. Out in Iowa, Noam Scheiber dissected Obama's victory and speech, and previewed the coming Hillary offensive in New Hampshire, which Michael Crowley reported on in more depth from the Clinton campaign plane. And check out Eve Fairbanks's liveblog of the exciting precinct caucus in Eldridge, Iowa, as well as her dispatch from the Obama victory party in Davenport.

Over at The Plank, Jonathan Cohn deemed Obama's victory "no ordinary win," particularly in contrast to Kerry's Iowa triumph in 2004. Don't miss Frank Foer's smackdown of MSNBC's overblown historical analogies, Dayo Olopade's take on why Obama won, or Jason Zengerle's analysis of the Clinton and Edwards concession speeches. Marty Peretz called the night "exhilarating, truly exhilarating," and Isaac Chotiner found out that even Charles Barkley is on board with Obama.

Now it's on to New Hampshire--get up to speed with TNR's handy primer.

--The Editors

(Cross-posted at The Plank)