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I'm at the second of two Bill Clinton appearances I've seen since arriving in New Hampshire. I agree with the assessment in today's Times that he was flat and a little disengaged yesterday, possibly a function of sleep deprivation. He seems spunkier today (though no doubt furious about the unnamed advisors swiping him in the Times).

I've noticed at both events that Bill is dropping John McCain's name--he tells a story about how Hillary and McCain visited Alaska to witness the effects of global warming. Yesterday, in response to a question about nasty politics that invoked McCain's gruesome 2000 experience in 2000 South Carolina, Bill replied that McCain and his wife "respect one another" and that in a general election showdown "they wouldn't be trying to gut each other."

Maybe there's nothing to read into this, but I saw bill in Iowa and don't recall him mentioning McCain, whose brand is a fairly golden here in New Hampshire--especially among the independents the Clintons want to keep Obama from mopping up on Tuesday.

--Michael Crowley