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Gop Attacks On Obama -- Sneak Preview!

Towards the end of the Republican debate tonight, we got a nice preview of how the Republicans will go after Barack Obama if he's the nominee.  Mitt Romney attacked Obama as a hopeless liberal, because -- among other things -- he would spend billions of dollars on a new health care program.  (For why that's a good idea, see my item below.) 

The rest -- save one -- went after Obama as dangerously inexperienced, particularly on issues of foreign policy.  I thought it interesting that when Giuliani made his version of the argument, he read off a list of candidates who did have the requisite experience.  And in addition to naming Republicans like McCain, he mentioned Hillary Clinton.  (He may have mentioned John Edwards, too; my eight year old was talking at the moment so I missed the whole thing.) 

The one other view came, naturally, from Mike Huckabee, who noted that people wanted change and that Obama represented change.  Like everybody's answer, it was self-serving.  But that doesn't make it wrong.  (Or right.)

Jonathan Cohn