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Debate Blogging, Cont'd: Two Views On Clinton's Moment

I was about to write an item suggesting that Hillary Clinton's angry response to John Edwards was going to become "the moment" of this debate, because the media -- which, regrettably, always focuses on theatrics more than substance -- would deem it evidence that she had lost control of her temper.  Sure enough, Ana Marie Cox at Swampland made that very point.  Then I heard from two people who thought she looked terrific and that it was Edwards who looked awful -- which, I now see, is what my friend Ezra Klein thinks, too.

I have no idea who's right.  (I still kinda think I am.)  But it reminds me how incredibly subjective these judgments are -- and how people like me should stick to the sorts of things we know best, like what policies and approaches to political change make the most sense.  OK, those issues are subjective, too.  But at least we can argue them with empirical evidence.

--Jonathan Cohn