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What's In A Crowd?


Hillary packed the house here in Nashua--the campaign says 3500 people. She opened with another round of shots at Obama, a recitation of her charges from last night that he switched his positions on the Patriot Act, wavered on his opposition to the war, and "voted for Dick Cheney's energy bill." The initial energy level was quite intense, although it's been fading during her long and micro-detail heavy Q&A session. A good chunk of the crowd, at least a couple hundred people, has dissipated ,and now a certain tedium is setting in. That said, the initial turnout must be buoying her camp.

Here's another look at the same crowd after about 45 minutes of Q&A. (Although it's worth noting that the fact people are leaving doesn't mean they're going away disappointed. When Al Gore was fighting his way back here eight years ago he would stay at his homestretch events almost literally until people ran out questions. By then sometimes just a few dozen folks would remain.) 


--Michael Crowley