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Clinton Calling Quits?; Kristol On Huckabee

Playing Dead: [Dan Riehl, Riehl World View] “What better way to do it than to plant the story of your demise, eventually pinning it on the underhanded dealings of a presumably noble competitor's campaign? Nothing like sucking the wind out of your competitions headline grabbing success with a staged funeral that doesn't take place.”

Shrum Knows Best?: [James Joyner, Outside the Beltway]: “Shrum’s absolutely right that she should focus on the future, rather than the past. My guess is that his ‘Let Hillary be Hillary’ advice, though, would be a disaster: There’s a reason she’s being packaged.”

Huckabee v. Huckabee: [Matt Yglesias, The Atlantic]: “But if we entertain the premise that Kristol does think Huckabee would make a good general election candidate, then what he's doing is conflating the fact that Huckabee is the most appealing natural politician in the Republican field with the idea that the actually existing Huckabee would do well.”

Duncan Hunter, We Barely Knew Ye: [Ed Morrissey, Captain’s Quarters]: “If Hunter leaves, the rest of us should hope that a Republican winner will find room for Hunter in the next administration. He would make an excellent Secretary of Defense, or perhaps the head of Homeland Security, if he's crazy enough to take it.”

--Ben Crair