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Edwards Rising?

Rasmussen shows him closing in on Obama nationally, now within just two points of second place.

We'll see if that lasts beyond tomorrow's results. But if it does, who does it help? One theory holds that Edwards supporters are inherently anti-Hillary, or must be if they respond to his anti-Washington anti-"status quo" message. The other view is that Edwards draws his strength mainly from working-class core Democrats among whom Hillary is stronger than Obama.

Sorry to say I don't have a good sense of which theory is right. But those Rasmussen numbers are worth keeping an eye on. 

P.S. Also worth considering: I have a feeling that if Edwards drops out he's not going to endorse Hillary "Lacks Conscience" Clinton! 

Update: Rasmussen now has Obama only four points behind Clinton, 33%-29%. Edwards is down to 20%.

 --Michael Crowley