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Or Was It Marky Mark?

So, I was reading Bill Kristol's inaugural op-ed for the New York Times and thinking "Wow, this really is exactly as dull and lazy an effort as Jim Fallows says," when I came across this line:

Still, as the conservative writer Michelle Malkin put it, “For the work-hard-to-get-ahead strivers who represent the heart and soul of the G.O.P., there are obvious, powerful points of identification.”

That's funny, I thought. That sounds like an unusually ununhinged thing for Malkin to say. Well, it turns out that that's because she didn't say it. It was Michael Medved, who shares Malkin's initials but, one imagines, looks rather different in a cheerleader's costume

If Kristol took this job as a backdoor way to discredit the Times, he's off to an excellent start.

--Christopher Orr