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Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead

When Duncan Hunter, who finished in 7th (i.e., last) place in Iowa with 0 percent of the vote, scheduled a major news conference today at 2 pm, many assumed he was announcing that he would drop out of the presidential race. Instead, he took the opportunity to say he's still running, which shouldn't really constitute "news," but at this point kinda does.

He also blasted executives at Fox and ABC for shutting him out of debates this weekend, though in his enthusiasm seems to have forgotten that TV execs often work in these very tall things called skyscrapers: "Knucklehead, arrogant executives in the corporate media world at ABC and Fox News, in some third or fourth story glass offices, decided my campaign was over.”

In related news, CNN was the only network to cover the announcement live.

--Christopher Orr