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The Perils Of Togetherness

A quick New Year's check for tnr's British readers: Raise your hand if your spouse didn't file for divorce yesterday. Congratulations! You managed to avoid what has become known among British lawyers as "D-Day," aka Divorce Day. Apparently, the strain of spending so much quality time with family over the holidays has turned the Monday of the first full week after New Years into the hottest day of the year for ending a marriage in Britain. So if you made it through yesterday, give yourself a pat on the back. But don't get too complacent: Divorce lawyers say they see another bump in business in early September, as families return home from all the enforced togetherness of summer vacations.

So does this mean people desperate to save rocky marriages should avoid one another as much as possible? I guess it's worked for the Clintons over the past few years.

--Michelle Cottle