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Mccain Prepping For Some South Carolina Mud-slinging

This just in from Sen. Straight Talk:


For Immediate Release

Contact: SC Press Office

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


COLUMBIA, SC -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced the formation of the Truth Squad in South Carolina to counter any negative or misleading attacks targeted at John McCain.

"We saw what happened in Iowa with the negative attacks. We see what's happening in New Hampshire, and I can tell you for certain, we won't stand for it here in South Carolina," said Adjutant General Stan Spears. "Some candidates are spending more of their campaign war chests on telling voters why John McCain shouldn't be president rather than telling voters why they should. Voters in South Carolina need to be on the lookout for these kinds of negative attacks."

"Our goal is to set the record straight," said Attorney General Henry McMaster. "As soon as one of these negative attack ads goes up on the air or hits the mailboxes, we'll let the voters know the truth. Hopefully candidates will have learned, given what happened in Iowa, that negative campaigning just doesn't work. But, just in case, we'll be ready."

In the event of a negative attack on John McCain, the South Carolina Truth Squad will issue statements to voters and to members of the media that set the record straight. Additionally, members of the Truth Squad will be available to respond quickly to inquiries from the media regarding negative attacks.

Seems pretty clever. Even if the name "Truth Squad" strikes some voters as cheesy, McCain is shrewd to remind the fine folks of South Carolina just what kind of nasty rumor-mongering their friends and neighbors fell for last time around. Plus, when the '08 version of the illegitimate-black-baby smear does indeed surface, McCain will already have a designated team in place to strike back.

--Michelle Cottle