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Bloggers On Huckabee's Next Move

Breaking Barriers: [Emily Yoffe, XX Factor]: “[D]espite racism and sexism, the public has taken Obama and Hillary as serious presidential candidates, unlike more experienced choices such as Sen. Joe Biden or Gov. Bill Richardson.”

To Huckabee: [dday, D-Day]: “[W]atching the establishmentarians turn on a dime if Huckabee can't be stopped will be great fun. But I think you'll see more of Huckabee going to the establishment than the establishment going to him.”


Or Not To Huckabee: [Ron Chusid, Liberal Values]: “One question regarding the Republican race is whether the fiscal conservatives and mainstream Republicans will unite behind a single candidate to try to stop Huckabee. In a divided race Huckabee can go all the way, but there is no clear consensus candidate to oppose him.”

Tilting the Scale: [Publius, Obsidian Wings]: “The flood on the Democratic side suggests that the indies are requesting Dem ballots rather than GOP ones. That's bad news for McCain, but good news for Romney.”

--Ben Crair