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Huck Cuts Her Some Slack

Here's a question I have for the ether (Isaac? Jon?): Is there any minimum vote count Huckabee has to hurdle in New Hampshire to keep the national polls surging and the money pumping in? Or is New Hampshire just a total skip for him?

Sometimes I forget why the hell Huckabee -- him of the objectively laughable floating-cross and Jesus-fish television ads -- is doing so well. Then you read Huck's response to Hillary's "emotional moment", in New Hampshire:

I attribute a lot of it to just being worn out and reflecting how much passion a person must put into a race. So I say cut her some slack.

And on her emotion, on Leno:

I think that most everybody that runs for president, you don't go through this unless you really believe that there is a need for the leadership that you're going to bring ... And I don't know of anybody, Democrat or Republican, who doesn't deep down believe that’s necessary.

How much better is that than John Edwards's "I think what we need in a commander-in-chief is strength and resolve"? Huck knows how to work the press.

-- Eve Fairbanks