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Hope At Hillary Central

I'm in the press room at the Clinton site near Manchester, and her aides think there's a real possibility she'll outperform expectations. Apparently their final exit polls were quite promising. As compared to a very sour mood Thursday night, campaign staffers are upbeat--in fact I'm pretty sure I just saw two of them give one another a sort of high-five hand clasp that sure looked celebratory to me.

The reporters here, meanwhile, are already discussing a possible new campaign narrative.

This could all be rendered moot within an hour, of course. But I know the junkies out there are dying for even a quick fix, so there it is. 

Update: Something to keep in mind: Hillary may have an added advantage here, as one person close to her explained to me, because there is a pre-existing New Hampshire "Comeback Kid" narrative that is easy for the media to tell. (I've been hearing "comeback kid" predictions from Clintonites for a few days now, no doubt planting seeds they hope will flower in an easy press storyline.)

--Michael Crowley