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Bloggers Eat Crow, Look Towards Nevada

The Second Sex: [Michael Tomasky, The Guardian]: “I think it was mostly a rebellion by women voters against the media. Most major media outlets had written Clinton's obituary and could barely conceal their joy in doing so. And voters, especially women voters, said: not so fast.”

Our Bad!: [Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish]: “[T]he media piled on too much at the end and there was a voter backlash; independents may have assumed an Obama victory and went for McCain instead; the Democratic base responded to the Clinton appeal, especially women and urban voters; the youth vote didn't quite turn out as well as it should have; Clinton for the first time looked vulnerable and even human in the final days”

Waiting Game: [John Ellis, Real Clear Politics]: “[T]he longer Huckabee faces two ‘not Huckabee’ candidates, all of whom are alien or anathema to the GOP's core Sunbelt/Christian constituencies, the more likely it is he will eventually emerge victorious in the final showdown, wherever that might occur.”

Going to Vegas: [Jonathan Singer, MyDD]: “Obama might not need a win now in Nevada, but with the backing of SEIU and seemingly also of Unite Here/the culinary workers, it would be awfully dampening to his momentum heading into South Carolina the following week were he to get defeated by a hefty margin.”

--Ben Crair