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Romney Squirts A Few

Not to be cynical, but post-Iowa, Mitt Romney seemed to be desperately trying to mimic Obama's call for change. Now, post-New Hampshire, is he retooling his campaign to mimic Hillary? From today's NYT article about Romney's day in Michigan:

“We’re going to make sure this state gets on the move again,” Mr. Romney said. “I care about Michigan. For me, it’s personal. It’s personal for me because it’s where I was born and raised.”

Earlier in the day, after hearing from a voter who recalled his father, Mr. Romney choked up momentarily, according to a pool reporter who was present. “He was a great man, and I miss him dearly,” Mr. Romney said.

Windex tears flow down the robot's face. Why does Romney keep reminding me of Silver Jews' lyrics?

--Jason Zengerle