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"a Crackpot Chrestomathy Of Extreme Right-wing Conspiracy Raving"

That's what Ron Paul's home-state newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, has to say about his newsletters, or "bigot-grams" as the editorial board hilariously calls them. I had to look "chrestomathy" up, it means (according to "a collection of selected literary passages, often by one author and esp. from a foreign language." Now, "literary" isn't exactly the word I would choose to label these scary, Turner Diaries-esque ramblings, but you got to give the Morning News credit for attempting to alliterate "crackpot." 

I'll have more to say about this matter next week, when we'll be posting more selections from Paul's various and sundry newsletters. Needless to say, I was not convinced by Paul's appearance on CNN Thursday night, where he stated that he didn't even know who was writing the things. Oddly, Paul was not asked about the newsletters at the Fox News debate later that evening, a strange omission considering the network's enmity towards his heretical conservative beliefs. Will the mainstream media continue to press Ron Paul about his involvement in the production of these newsletters?

--James Kirchick