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Our Thrilling Democratic Race...really!

You should read Ryan Lizza's summary/analysis of the Clinton/Obama contest, especially the later paragraphs which detail Clinton's cynical "Hispanic Strategy." Also, Ryan somehow got Sergio Bendixen, a top Clinton pollster, to open up:

When I asked Bendixen about the source of Clinton’s strength in the Hispanic community, he mentioned her support for health care, and Hispanic voters’ affinity for the Clinton era. “It’s one group where going back to the past really works,” he said. “All you need to say in focus groups is ‘Let’s go back to the nineties.’ ” But he was also frank about the fact that the Clintons, long beloved in the black community, are now dependent on a less edifying political dynamic: “The Hispanic voter—and I want to say this very carefully—has not shown a lot of willingness or affinity to support black candidates.” [Italics Mine]

Classy. For more good stuff on the race, check out Francis Wilkinson's op-ed in today's Times, which smartly notes that the Clintons are much better at running against candidates with a mean streak.

 --Isaac Chotiner