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Clinton, Obama Spar Over Civil Rights; Mccain Surges

Comeback Kid: [Robin Toner and Marjorie Connelly, The New York Times]: “Republican voters have sharply altered their views of the party’s presidential candidates following the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, with Senator John McCain, once widely written off, now viewed more favorably than any of his major competitors...”

History Lessons: [Anne E. Kornblut and Perry Bacon Jr., The Washington Post]: “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton defended her recent remarks on civil rights Sunday, as Sen. Barack Obama weighed in on the controversy for the first time, describing Clinton's earlier comments about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. as "unfortunate’ and ‘ill-advised.’”

First Aid: [Adam Tanner, Reuters]: “Amid growing worries about a worsening of the U.S. economy, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama proposed a $75 billion economic stimulus plan on Sunday…”

Cornered Animal: [Klaus Marre, The Hill]: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, hoping to score a much-needed win in the Michigan GOP primary Tuesday, is attacking Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), his main competitor in the state, on the economy.”

--Ben Crair