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Missing Bill Richardson Already

Adam Nagourney and Jennifer Steinhauer's New York Times article on the Latino vote sheds more light on the "Will Latinos vote for an African-American?" question. It also reminds us how boring the Democratic race is going to be without Bill Richardson's periodic puzzling statements to unpack. In the article, Richardson's quoted as saying:

“I think most of the Hispanic-African-American issues has been in the Northwest over urban issues,” Mr. Richardson said.

Does anyone have any idea what Richardson's talking about here? This makes a marginal amount of sense if one assumes he meant to say "Northeast" but even then it's not clear exactly what he means. Blacks and Latinos don't get along well because they live in cities together?

Fortunately, those worried that tonight's Democratic debate in Las Vegas might lack comic relief in Richardson's absence can rest easy: a district court judge in Clark County has, for some reason, ordered MSNBC to allow Dennis Kucinich to participate. Perhaps he can connect with the local baseball fans in the audience.

--Josh Patashnik