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Dems Talk Race; Mccain And Romney Face Off In Mi

Minority Report: [Adam Nagourney and Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times]: “Mr. Obama confronts a history of often uneasy and competitive relations between blacks and Hispanics, particularly as they have jockeyed for influence in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.”

Different Parties, Different Strategies: [Dan Balz, The Washington Post]: “Clinton and her two main Democratic competitors -- Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) and former senator John Edwards (N.C.) -- are approaching Feb. 5 in strikingly different ways than the Republicans are.”

Down to the Wire: [Andrew Stern, AP]: “Polls show Romney, a former Massachusetts governor who was raised in Michigan, running neck-and-neck with Arizona Sen. John McCain in a state where the ailing economy has moved to the top of the agenda.”

Race Debate: [Molly Ball, Las Vegas Review-Journal]: “[I]t happens that the theme of tonight's [Democratic] debate, in the works for more than a year, is minority issues -- just as one of the most emotional issues in politics has been raised in recent days: race.”


--Ben Crair