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Blogging Our Bets On The Michigan Primary

If you aren't yet emotionally invested in '08 race, don't worry: Josh Patashnik and I are putting our money on the line in an attempt to up the human stakes of tonight's primary--specifically, the loser will buy the winner lunch.

Based solely on an NYT piece that quoted Romney promising Michiganians that he'll rebuild the auto industry--and McCain telling them they're basically fucked, but he's committed to giving them job training--I say Romney pulls a Hillary, clinching Michigan by a large margin. (It looks like Jon Cohn also thinks Romney finally found his voice... the voice of a Bain AC telling GM execs not to panic.)

Josh, however, says telling Michiganites that their jobs won't come back and focusing on retraining them is the right thing to do. He bets McCain's authenticity, spunk, and appeal to independents will overcome any residual affinity Michiganites have for the Romney dynasty.

Which intern will forego health insurance in order to buy the other a reuben and fries? Who will endure public "I told you so's" from virginiacentrist? Only the exit polls will tell...

P.S. Ah here they come!

--Barron YoungSmith