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So Is Obama Paul Metzler?

I've heard the unflattering "Election"-themed Hillary-is-Tracy Flick comparison multiple times from folks who relish the storyline of the conniving, vindictive, hyperambitious Clinton having her plans for world domination screwed with by the kinder, gentler, more likable Obama. But this new video over at Slate is sending (perhaps unintentionally) a more complicated message with its cheeky casting of Obama as Flick's opponent, Paul Metzler. It includes images of Obama grinning goofily in a Cubs [oops. Zengerle informs me that it is in fact a] Bears hat [so much for my getting the Chicago vote] and of a bikini-clad Obamagirl dancing in front of a giant pic of the beefcake candidate in his swimtrunks. Not exactly dignity-enhancing stuff. 

Which made me stop and think: Sure, Metzler is a sweet, decent, generous, easy-going character--all the things Flick is not. But he's also a giant doofus who admits he has no idea what a student council president does and who only jumps into the race because of his teacher's quest to derail the ruthlessly focused Flick.

The manipulative bitch vs. the genial idiot. I'm not sure either candidate should be thrilled with this particular pop-cultural comparison.

--Michelle Cottle