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How "buffy" Explains The World

Cogitamus has paired each GOP presidential aspirant with a corresponding "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" villain, and a few of the matches are disconcertingly exact. Mitt Romney as the Mayor of Sunnydale? Perfect. Fred Thompson as The Judge? Ditto. (In addition to the physical resemblance there's this: "His backers got all excited and made a big effort to assemble him. When they finally put him together, he turned out to be a lethargic mess and didn't accomplish very much.")

But Rudy Giuliani as Angelus? You must be kidding me. Angel got his own series; Rudy will be lucky to make it to February. My first thought for Hizzoner was Warren Mears, who seems a reasonably good attitudinal fit. But then it struck me: Delusions of godlike grandeur? Proclivity for cross-dressing? Yes, Rudy is clearly Glory.

--Christopher Orr