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Afternoon Update: Republican Primary Culinary Edition

McCain Still Against the Stars and Bars [Associated Press]: "John McCain on Wednesday defended his opposition eight years ago to the flying of the Confederate battle flag over the South Carolina state capitol in Columbia, brushing aside protests that dogged him at campaign events and suggesting most people in the state don't want the issue reopened."

Weren't They Going to Stop Talking About That? [Ariel Alexovich, The New York Times]: "Hillary Rodham Clinton answered a few tough questions about race on MSNBC last night, and if you had switched your TV over to BET, you could have seen her respond to a second batch of hard questions on the topic."

Presumably Not French Vanilla [Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post]: "Romney added that he did not view the mixed GOP primary results as a sign of weakness among the Republican field: 'It's an embarrassment of riches, to a certain degree....Voters are looking at a strong set of candidates and it's like they're looking at Rocky Road and pistachio and pralines and cream.' (Romney, for the record, did not identify which ice cream best embodied his candidacy.)"