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Sharpton's Choice


Ben Smith reminds us that the Reverend in the catbird's seat these days, what with Clinton and Obama quite eager for his endorsement.

Given the current trajectory of the black vote, it might make sense to assume that Sharpton will endorse Obama. But Hillary has assiduously cultivated him during her time in New York, and Sharpton has shown flashes of distate for Obama.

I wonder, though, if Sharpton dares to endorse Hillary. What happens, after all, if he sides with her and no black voters follow? He runs a serious risk of being discredited, I should think.

Update: A savvy reader writes in to note that Sharpton's influence among black voters is wildly overstated by the media. That's totally my sense. Which is why I'm guessing he's skittish about backing Hillary--for fear of seeing that lack of influence exposed.

Photo: AP 

--Michael Crowley