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The Global Warming Blackout

As some of you know, MoveOn is not my favorite organization.  But it has done essential work in making people aware of the real environmental crisis we face.  Here is a statistical secret it has revealed about all the talk shows with presidential aspirants:

In the last year, the major TV networks asked the presidential candidates 2,679 questions. Pop quiz: How many were about global warming?

A) 514--after all, it's one of the top issues facing the country
B) 165--as many as were asked about illegal immigration
C) 3--the same number asked about UFOs

If you guessed 3, you're right: Reporters asked as many questions about UFOs as they did about the climate crisis--the biggest threat to our planet.

MoveOn asks readers to petition top TV reporters to ask the presidential candidates about global warming? Click here to add your name: