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The Whole Associated Press Hates Romney

Yesterday it was the AP's Ron Fournier taking a hammer to Romney. Today it's the AP's Glenn Johnson, who got into it with the candidate during a press conference over whether or not Romney has Washington lobbyists involved in his campaign. Johnson, pointing to Ron Kaufman, says Romney does; Romney, who's lately been saying all sorts of nasty things about lobbyists, says he doesn't--making the technical point that Kaufman isn't "running" his campaign. (Video of the kerfuffle, via Romenesko, can be found here.) I say Johnson's more right than Romney on this one. Especially when you consider Cindy Gillespie.

P.S. Be sure to watch the video to the very end, when a South Carolina Romney supporter tells off Johnson with the dis, "I think you're rude and ugly" 

P.P.S. Any chance the Romney campaign will try to take advantage of this with an "Annoy the Media, Elect Romney" slogan? At this point, I wouldn't put it past them. 

--Jason Zengerle