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For Once, I Defend Hillary

I assume that Hillary Clinton meant no offense to Martin Luther King, Jr. when she said -- justifiably -- that his spiritual and cultural achievements needed to be concretized in law, and that it was Lyndon Johnson to whom credit belongs for realizing the struggle into institutions and policy. Of course, she said it in shorthand which left her vulnerable. But that is certainly what she meant, and it is historically and constitutionally correct.

Only the paranoid or the truly cynical would ascribe to her a racism that has never been a part of her life. One feels silly having to defend her on this count.

But there are people around who take offense at anything. And, so, at yet another King ceremony in Boston, Martin Luther King III, the vapid and insistent heir apparent (to the fortune being accumulated in payments for Kingiana including the "I have a dream" speech), did make a fuss although he said he wasn't. He spoke at the Twelfth Baptist Church and announced that there would be erected in old bean town a statue of his parents. Together. Oh my.