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Is Barack Obama Black?

Well, the always sanctimonious Andrew Young doesn't say he's not.  But the Reverend Young, now a fixer for American companies in Africa and African countries in America, says Obama is not as black as he seems.  Or to quote Dr. King's longtime lieutenant precisely: "Bill is every bit as black as Barack."  By what calculus is this true?  Is it the limpieza de sangua which in the Spanish inquisition was the index for Jews who had converted (maybe deceitfully) to Christianity?  Is this a slight at Obama because only his father was black?  From what we now know about the genetic backgrounds of white Americans there are many who carry black blood markers.  So is Andy Young telling us something about Bill Clinton?  Well, a while back, Young was actually quite concrete.  He announced that Bill Clinton had more black women than Barack Obama.  So that's the guage.  I suppose that Hillary knows.

This ugliness is a mark of the split in the African-American population.  The old-timers are for Hillary, patronizing as she is.  That may be why they are for her: to be patronized is their habit.  But Barack Obama is the new African-American.  He will be patronized by no one.  That is one reason I am for him.  But only one.