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Confederate Flag Group Airs Pro-huckabee Ad

Dixie's Native Son [Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press]: "A group that promotes protection of the Confederate flag is airing radio ads during conservative talk shows in South Carolina that praise Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and criticize John McCain and Mitt Romney for voicing objections to the flag."

Not Sin City's Candidate [Peter Wallsten and Peter Nicholas, Los Angeles Times]: "Barack Obama has warned about the dangers of gambling--that it carries a 'moral and social cost' that could 'devastate' poor communities. ... Today, those views are posing a problem for Obama in the gambling mecca of Nevada, which holds its presidential nominating caucuses Saturday."

McCain's Problem [Dan Balz, Washington Post]: "There remains an incongruity to [McCain's] candidacy that he will be confronting as he seeks to bind together a fractured Republican coalition. He seeks to be the establishment choice, but the exit polls from early states indicate that he is now the candidate of the discontented."

Edwards' Final Push [Julie Bosman, The New York Times]: "Standing in the bed of a white pickup truck parked in a strip mall, John Edwards on Friday asked for support from Nevada union members in Saturday’s caucuses."

Hoist With His Own Petard? [Paul Kiel, TPM Muckraker]: "Common Sense Issues is calling millions of voters and telling them that John McCain wants to allow experiments on unborn babies and that Fred Thompson supports partial-birth abortion. ...In a deft bit of spin, [Mike Huckabee] says the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law is at fault--so it's John McCain's fault that Huckabee can't stop the group from smearing McCain."

--Josh Patashnik