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Nevada (early) Post-caucus Roundup

Key statistic: Hillary Clinton picked up 64 percent of the Latino vote.

Ben Smith thinks that the Hillary camp's talk of voter suppression helped turnout non-union workers in the casinos. It was "as much an electoral strategy as a post-electoral spin," he says.

He also reports anti-Obama robo-calls throughout the state which ended with the line: "You just can't take a chance on Barack Hussein Obama."

Kos sees the primary going on from a loooong time.

Joan Walsh witnessed a lot of Culinary Workers Union in-fighting at the Paris Hotel and Casino.

Caucus attendance was apparently through the roof. With 84% of precincts reporting, about 107,000 people had caucused. Harry Reid, the patron saint of this early caucus, thought that 100,000 overall would be an impressive figure.