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This will please the Hillary fans. From the Las Vegas Sun:

It looks like the Culinary Union’s endorsement couldn’t carry Barack Obama to victory in Nevada, who lost most of the at-large caucuses on the Strip to Hillary Clinton.

So it’s no surprise that the Culinary Union apparently couldn’t watch the results on today’s caucuses on the news channels.

At a viewing party at the Culinary Training Academy in North Las Vegas, all three television sets were turned to the USC-UCLA basketball game. No CNN, Fox News, MSNBC. No Univision. Just hoops.

The mood was subdued as about 60 union members ate food — catered by the Culinary workers — and milled about.

Also sorta piling on is this victory memo from Mark Penn and Patti Solis-Doyle:

The day after our victory in New Hampshire, the Culinary workers endorsed Senator Obama. The Chicago Tribune noted at the time that the endorsement gave Senator Obama a “significant advantage” because it is the largest and best organized labor group in the state. With nine caucus sites essentially set up for members of the Culinary union, it’s no wonder why Jon Ralston, Nevada’s leading political analyst, noted that the Culinary Workers’ “impact is going to be significant.”
In fact, the endorsement was so coveted that the Obama campaign’s national field director, Temo Figueroa, said over the summer that "The Nevada election is going to come down to: Whoever gets the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union, more than likely, is going to win Nevada.

--Michael Crowley