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How The Caucus Timing May Help Obama

One other point about expectation-setting, bounces, and timing: The Clintons are obviously spinning this result as a triumph over overwhelming obstacles, what with the culinary union's endorsement of Obama. Had this contest ended late in the evening, I think you'd have seen a lot of that spin reflected in tomorrow's coverage. But because the media got the caucus results so early in the day--about 4 pm eastern if I remember correctly--they've had plenty of time to get beyond the spin and see that Hillary was actually pretty well-positioned in Nevada all along. (Again, she had strong support among non-union casino workers and management, which helped her do pretty well along The Strip--even better than I'd initially heard.) For that matter, the Obama campaign even had time to convene a conference call for reporters at 6:30 eastern, which obviously wasn't the case after New Hampshire.

Also, as this was hardly a decisive or especially surprising victory for Hillary, expect tomorrow's coverage to focus more on the closely contested, high-profile GOP contest in South Carolina.

--Noam Scheiber