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U.n. Chooses Clooney To Save Darfur

I don't know exactly what this means.  But an article by Chuck Bennett in Saturday's New York Post reports that George Clooney "has been tapped to
serve as the UN's new 'messenger of peace'."  The UN has failed so utterly in its rhetorical efforts to bring not so much peace but an end to
the mass killings in Darfur that it has anointed People magazine's two time choice for "sexiest man alive" to do the hard lifting in the effort to end the murders.

As for Clooney, his acceptance of this role is either stupid or cynical: "I look forward to working with the United Nations in order to build public support for its critically important work in some of the most difficult, dangerous and dire places in the world."  But the truth is that the UN cooperates with the murderers by pretending that it is an efficient tool for peace when it is -and not only in Darfur- an instrument of war and warfare.