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More On Hillary

She has just about forfeited South Carolina, and it will be Barack Obama's to claim. But she will say that if he doesn't win by a landslide he has not won. She's taken most of her assets out of the state, and left Bill and Chelsea -- the oh, so idealistic hedge funder -- to fare for themselves.

I've been thinking about Hillary's ideological journey ever since she was a Barry Goldwater girl at Wellesley. Or was it just high school? Goldwater enthusiasts were true believers. And, then, by the time of commencement at Wellesley, she was a true believer on the left, passion before thought, urgency before real alternatives. The fact is that she was always with it. Now, she's an enthusiast for the center.

Except that we're at this moment facing an economic crisis which means back to her old reflexes. By the time she's done she'll have driven her supporters nuts.